Monday, October 28, 2013


Oh wow, my feet are just landing back on the ground after "Retreat Weekend"!!!  I had such a wonderful time and would like to thank all the Ladies who put it together for us this year, making in another awesome event.

For those of you who have no idea of what I'm going on about, this was our Annual Maritime Spinner's Retreat which takes place in the Canadian Maritime Provinces.  This year, the retreat was here on PEI and we had people that travelled from as far away as Ontario, Maine and New Hampshire!  Of course, just to make it even more exciting, the hosts always pick a theme for the event.  This year was all about the "Mad Hatter", what a fun time it was both making and seeing other people's creations.

There were warm and cozy hats....

There were creatively, zany hats....

There were many, many more hats not pictured here, some for competing in challenges and more still that we knitted for charities.

There were 96 people in attendance, most of which had spinning wheels, a few had spindles and one lady brought along her small loom.  It was terrific to spend the weekend with old spinning friends that I've now known for several years, and of course meeting new ones was also a highlight (Julie, I'm talking about you).

For the most part, I hung out with Mrs. N and her daughter Miss H...great ladies that I met 6 years ago at a retreat in Cape Breton.  Ladies, thanks for a wonderful weekend full of laughs....

Look at them working away!  (you can see the lady with the loom in the back ground)

The goody bags and vendors are also a real blast!  We had all kinds of lovely things in our bags...

....yarn, needles, hooks all kinds of info and a bag of delicious fibre which I turned into the yarn and head band above as part of the weekend's "spin and make a hat out of your goody bag" competition.  I didn't place in the competition, but I sure had fun making and wearing it!

My stops at various vendor's tables were quite fruitful...

....I bought a beautiful hand made kitting basket, needles, hand made darning tools and spindle and a set of clips that assist you in making braided rugs.

Just before leaving, Mrs. N was packing up her stuff and I commented on how much I liked her competition hat and that I would wear something like that in she gave it to me!  Lucky me!  I love it and I will wear it as soon as the weather turns cold (not long now).  Thanks N for my lovely hat.  (those are crocheted flowers on the top....adorable).

One last picture to show you, and that is of my competition entry........Fascinating!!!!

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