Friday, October 18, 2013



I knit a lot.  I also do other creative stitching....a lot.  These little lovelies that I design and create are almost never for me.  In the end, some are for gifts but the majority are for selling to supplement my income.  The revenue generated from stitching is usually used for stitching related past my annual spinner's retreat or to buy more yarn or notions or knitting machines or thread.   I posted last week that I had won a copy of Mary Jane Mucklestone's "Fair Isle Style" and now that I've read it, I really have to put away my sale knitting and pick a few projects out of this book to add to my wardrobe.

It's so hard to decided what to make first, I love that dress, but I also love everything else in the book.  Well, this is a great opportunity to work on my almost non existing, Fair Isle technique.

Yesterday, I was working on some "for sale" stuff that I had been itching to make for some time.  I used 16 inch pillow forms that I had purchased and covered them with MacAusland's blanket fabric, finished with a simple crocheted blanket stitch edge.  They turned out as lovely as they were in my head (that doesn't always happen).  And just in case I was unsure of how awesome they turned out...Penny gave me her full support when she nested her little self into one....

....I am going to have to make one for her.  

Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend.

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