Monday, December 16, 2013

Wild Thing

Our tree is up and decorated and it is WILD, a wild balsam fir, shaped perfectly by nature herself....and wow, does it smell good!!!

I added something new this year and I've decided that it isn't just for the Holidays.

A burlap wreath with ribbons of my favourite mustard and olive paisley fabric.  I do see from this photograph that the loops of burlap need a little more flouncing and staging though!  It was pretty dark when we put it up last night.  It added some lovely texture to the living room, and after the new fireplace is installed in the mantle, the whole look will really come together.  It has taken a lot of time (time that we don't  have to spend on the house) to make our house feel like a home with touches of texture, colour and individuality...but we're happy with the direction it's taking.  I've decided to put many more home made touches into our living space, and since I spend all of my time (even at work) making hand made household decorations and personal accessories, it's high time that I made some for myself instead of selling every piece.  

Speaking of sale pieces....of course I have a blanket fabric Christmas stocking fresh off of the crochet hook and a sweet mustard stocking cap on the needles.  What are you making right now?

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