Monday, January 6, 2014

My Christmas Books

Every year I get a Chapters/Indigo gift card from my parents for Christmas.  Every year before the gift card arrives, I already have my wish list ready.  This year I picked out 6 books all of which are either about food or sewing...I know, it's just so unlike me :)

I cannot wait to dive into them, first a quick thumb through...then of course, a proper sit down and a cover to cover read.

The Sewing Machine Attachment book demystifies all those interesting attachments found with my antique sewing machines.  The manuals that come with the machines tell me what they are but I think a proper, modern book with big, full colour pictures will really help me understand the proper use of these interesting little pieces.

The Serger book looks like it will be a whole lot of fun, showing me the variety of things I can do.

An Apple Harvest, by Frank Browning and Sharon Silva is a lovely book with both recipes and orchard lore which is fantastic for me as Mr. and I are really starting to reap the rewards of a well tended orchard.  The recipes look down right delicious!

How To Grow Perennial Vegetables, by Martin Crawford and The Hedgerow Cookbook, by Wild at Heart are just what they say...I'm hoping to get much use of these for both my garden and for local, wild harvested food.  Can't wait!

Lastly...Seasons of the Sacred Earth, by Cliff Seruntine, from what I gather this book is a year in the life of Cliff and his family as they set up a homestead in Nova Scotia.  Living off of the land, harvesting wild etc.  I'm truly looking forward to reading this book and am planning to Join Cliff on one of his day long courses, to teach me a little about wild harvesting what my local flora has to offer.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my relief has just arrived at work so that means I'm going home, putting the kettle on and settling into my box of books....

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