Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Felted Poppies

Thought I'd pop in a share some pics of another work-in-progress....this time, it's all about poppies.  I thought the red and black on black would be very eye catching.

First I did a layout of wool roving.....

Wrapped it up and pre-felted just a little.....

Then added some pre-felted poppies and wrapped it up and felted a whole bunch more....

Pretty Poppies......

Monday, March 24, 2014


Spring has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere but in my little corner of the world, it is well below zero today with a fierce North wind.

I don't know about you, but as much as I love Winter, I will be very glad to see the end of it.  Until then, I thought this might help cheer up both my customers and me.  It's a warm, felted wool scarf (same pattern as my Felted Holiday Scarf, using felted roses instead of berries), but with decidedly Spring-like colours.

I love it when a plan comes together and what you have in both your head and your sketch book, are able to turn into something special.  I'm knitting up a few of them to send to Rose Cottage Antiques and they should be there, available to you, by the end of the week.

In the mean time other stitching is still progressing in an effort to fill both a section of Rose Cottage and my own Country Store.  Here are some pics of my work in progress as I pull a section of my own store out of hardware and into soft, woolly goodness.

It is by no means full, but I'm working on it and I love how cheerful it is.  I hope Spring is much warmer for you, but if not...you can always pop into Rose Cottage Antiques and Gifts in Summerside and pick up a warm accessory or two :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

FOs And A Little Felting

I've been on a bit of a hat binge the last couple of weeks...the tally is 10 hats completed in a fortnight.  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that's a pretty respectable number.  This latest batch has been all about "Nutmeg" and "Sweet Cherry Pie" patterns that were designed by yours truly.  I hope you like them, they're very dear to my heart.

Nutmeg is so fast and fun to make....

...and Sweet Cherry Pie looks great in a blueberry colour:)

Played around with some felt too this week, it certainly is good fun.  I did this scarf using a dark, natural grey wool that I had in my stash with some variegated purple mohair yarn.  I liked both the process and the finished result (even though it didn't turn out exactly as I had planned it).  More experience will allow me more control over the felt I'm sure.

This scarf needs to be felted again as it wasn't felted quite enough.  I was going for a very light, cobweb effect...just not THAT light.  The picture unfortunately does not do the colour justice at all, there are beautiful greens, purples and rusts through this merino and sea cellulose mix.

I took some light grey and dark grey wool and layered the two colours alternately to get the mottled effect here and used the same variegated mohair yarn as above to make the swirls.  It ended up being a very thick fabric and I think it will work well for either a bag or some mittens.  (A little larger and it would have made a gorgeous rug!)

All in all, I've been having way more fun than should be allowed for just one person and as I write this blog post, I'm thinking about the lovely Pink Tweed, MacAusland's 3-ply yarn that's patiently waiting for me to pick it up and turn it into another Sweet Cherry Pie Hat.