Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Planning

Mr. and I have been putting some time and effort into the restoration of our little Trillium 4500 camper.  We absolutely love this little piece of Canadian, Fiberglass Heaven!

This is a photo of what the original upholstery looks like.  Although it's in very good shape for it's age, I have a thing about used foam and bedding (especially when it's over 30 years old).  Besides, this pretty lady deserves some love and affection!

So I took some new foam and some new fabric and made new cushions.  I had to anyway as we are turning the bunks you can see above into a one bed/small dinette combo.

There were 4 cushion in all to make for the dinette/bed, and I also made 2 more small ones to use as armrests.  The camper came complete with an ugly, snap-on, vinyl map pouch too that we removed and you can see the new one I made below with the same fabric used for the curtains.  Much prettier.

I'm afraid the photo of the curtains below, just does not do them justice.  First, I've changed the position of the rod pocket and hemmed them since this pic was taken, and just does not show how pretty the fabric really is.  All that's left to do now in the interior is to lay the new flooring (laminate), and build a piece for the big bed out of plywood to turn the large dinette into a quasi-permanent bed,  and I think I'm going to crochet a small circular rug for in front of the big bed also.  We have the paint colour for the exterior, it's a nice soft, creamy yellow.  I'll show more pics later on when it's all put together.

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