Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's For Afters?

Here are some after shots of the Trillium with her pretty things on....

I love how bright and colourful it all turned out.  The Turquoise and Olive go so well with the yellow of the fiberglass.  It's all so shiny and clean now and I must say that I'm glad that all of the hard scrubbing is finished.  I had enough fabric left over from making the curtain tops, to put together the fitted table cloth too.  I think the layering of fabric really brings the look together.

Mr. installed a laminate floor in a colour and texture very similar to the faux wood doors.  The under seat, porta-potty cupboard still needs it's door put back on the hinges.  You can just see a glimpse of a turquoise throw on the right seat...another layer of fabric!

And here's the sweet wall pocket that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Made with the same fabric as the main part of the curtains.  I think it's looking swell.  One last project is to dress the bed (where the larger dinette is), we spent all of last evening building a quasi-permanent plywood bed in the forward dinette/bed combo.  With the little dinette, the two of us don't need to use the larger, so we are putting a proper foam mattress on it.  After all...while we're camping, we live outside and only really use the inside for sleep.

It's been an exciting couple of weeks all in all, what with getting the camper shiny and ready and having several stitching projects on the go.  Oh, and I must tell you that I've become a member of the West Prince Arts Council and am very excited to be doing my first show on the 28th of June at the Parish Hall in Tignish, PEI.  Drop in if you're in the neighbourhood, there will be lots to see and do.

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