Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Home Made Christmas

Wow, good morning....and what a morning!  I'm back to work today for a quick 5.5 hour shift after having a wonderful 2 days off with Mr. and the cats.  It was great to lounge around in our pj's all day, go for long walks in the unseasonably warm weather and eat way too much.  I was so proud to make a localvore feast for the holidays, and as I was preparing everything, telling Mr. how the chicken was raised 2 kms from the house and that the carrots were from about 8 kms away...he reminded me that asparagus does not grow here this time of year so I kind of cheated a little on the the whole 100 mile ethos.  After a quick face to palm moment, I forgave myself and we sure did enjoy that asparagus.  The food was at least all home made and tasted very good.  In keeping with our love of all things home made, we gave to each other from our hands and hearts.  I made Mr. a sweater on one of my knitting machines, made stockings for the kids,

knit a blanket for Dave and a kitty sized sleeping bag for Penny,

and Mr. made me this beautiful wooden box.

When I opened the box, I found goodies inside!

But it's real purpose was functionality, built to replace this original Legare Sock Knitting Machine box.

I'm of course keeping this beautiful antique, but it's just too flimsy to carry around a heavy, cast iron CSM.  So from now on, I'm going to keep sock yarn in it.  I have received countless gifts in my life for 46 birthdays and Christmases (many hand made), but out of all of them, my new wooden box is most precious....made, bespoke for me, from and by the love of my life.

The annual box of books has been ordered from the gift card I receive from my parents...I'll show you as soon as the box arrives.  Can you guess what the books might be about?  I'll give you a hint...they have to do with knitting:)

What were your holidays like?  Feel free to drop by and let us know....

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