Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Le Poncho

Good morning!  What a beautiful morning it is today on the East Coast....not a breath of wind, temperature is mild and there seems to be a waxing Yuletide magic in the air.  Now that all of my Holiday orders are finished, I've had the chance to make things that have been hanging out in the back of my brain for a while.  I recently showed you the Poncho I made for a lovely customer of mine.  It is a simple rectangle and had been on my mind for a while.  When Mrs. D. asked me to make it for her, I couldn't wait to get out the sketch book and calculator and start figuring it out.  The first one I made was good and I had sorted out the pattern, but the finishing was not as refined as I wanted it.  Armed with the knowledge of what I could improve on, I sat down the other day and started to put this one together....

...I loved the idea of taking three coordinating colours and making 1 large stripe each.

 (MacAusland's 2-ply in Rust, Olive and Ginger)

The way the ends of the rectangle drape over your arms, it gives the stripes an arched effect.

And of course, after washing and blocking the fabric turned from hard and curled to soft and drapey.

This one is for sale in my shop (and may be already spoken for), but I think I need to make one for myself in these colours.

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