Friday, January 30, 2015

Snowshoe Hat

I have made somewhere around a thousand kidding!  And I own very few myself.  I love hats.  I love how they look and how they keep you warm.  What I don't love about hats is how they feel on my head.  All of the hats I own are loose fitting and soft because if they were not, they would irritate me to distraction.  So, the other day while I was fondling the stash (come on you've done it), I picked up a skein of Belfast Mini Mills, Merino/Cashmere 3 ply and thought....I need a snowshoeing hat....made out of this!

 It is so incredibly soft, squishy and smooshy.  It feels like a heavenly cloud on my head and doesn't irritate me in the least.  Ok, so now I have snow covered fields and a perfect snowshoe hat....I'm thinking it's time for an adventure.

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