Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Baby

I was born smack-dab in the middle of Winter and for those of us who live in my latitude...that spells a whole lot of this.....

This is our third storm in a week and as much as I love Winter, I am getting weary.  The above track of land we call a "drive-way" (not to be mistaken for our lane-way) is buried 5 feet below the snow.  As luck would have it, the vehicles stayed almost completely uncovered so they were very easy to shovel out and drive away with.

But, even though I am getting a little weary, these storm days have given me the opportunity to play with some Birthday presents.

I made this recipe.....

Out of this book....and as you can see from the empty bowl, it was a hit!

I also got this book and pot which are meant for the camper....but we couldn't resist seasoning it and having a good cook-up yesterday.

Books and cookware are two of my favourite things!  I've had a wonderful Birthday that I've managed to stretch out over several days, filled with heart-felt wishes, great food and a few good tipples to boot.  Now that the drive-way (and lane-way) have been ploughed out....I've had to resume regular programming, so back to work!

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