Monday, September 21, 2015

Something Wonderful

I've been anxiously awaiting a parcel in the post, all the way from bonny Scotland.  After yearning for a special plaid just for me, I ordered a Maple Leaf Tartan Shawl from the good folks at Lochcarron of Scotland.  They have an amazing assortment of pre-made and bespoke accessories made from luxuriously woven wool (and other blends) fabric.  I am absolutely delighted with with the smooth finish of the light weight, 100% pure new wool fabric....and the Tartan!  Oh my goodness, the Tartan....celebrating the seasons of the Maple Leaf, green, gold and red.  As a proud Canadian, I cannot tell you how much this plaid means to me.

My perfect Autumn shawl, with it's perfect Autumn colours, arrived just before the first day of was meant to be.

Thanks again to Locharran of Scotland, I emailed them several times before placing my order and they were prompt and lovely in their replies.

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