Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 has been a busy and productive year both in the studio and at home.  On the home front Mr. and I did a few much needed renovations to our 94 year old house, allowing us to make better use of space and having the opportunity to bring in our own style.

I moved my work space around and although I lost natural light, I gained more elbow room for both myself and all of my knitting machines.  The machines didn't seem to rest much in 2015 with the creation of new patterns and finished pieces like hats, mittens, slippers, cushions and of course the amazing shawl project I worked on with Belfast Mini Mills.

For 2016, I'd like to make a pledge to finally master the Legare 400 Circular Sock Knitting Machine.  This little beast has so far, whopped my arse, called me dim-witted and left me for scraps....

It might not seem like much of goal for a whole year, but for any of you who have learned to use these or who are currently trying and not understand that this is a large enough goal.  One that could easily fill a year with more frustration or, as I'm hoping will be the case....a whole lot of really nice socks.

From us to you....we hope your 2016 is without burden and full of all things good.  Happy New Year.

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