Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Grout, Paint And Flour

After 2 years of looking at the stacks of tile boxes in the garage, we decided it was time to rip up the kitchen/dining room/porch floors and install the new tiles.  We knew it was going to be a lot of work, after all our house is 94 years old and that always seems to add to it.  No straight lines.  But the floor turned out great and we did manage to finish all but the laundry room just in time for the holidays.  With the new floor, we spruced up the walls, changed the entrance way and treated ourselves to the church pew we've always wanted.  All told, I think it looks marvelous....

As I said, finished just in time for the Holidays, which for us have already begun.  Last weekend we welcomed my aunt and uncle for a Christmas lunch.  After discovering that I still had both a pound of mouse (well now, after my sister telling me about my little typo I think I'll cross out mouse and type moose instead....but I can only manage to type now after 10 minutes of hysterical laughter on both our parts) MOOSE and a pound of free range pork in the freezer, I decided to make my very first Tortiere.   For any one who hasn't had the pleasure, it is a French Canadian tradition this time of year, usually made with beef and pork and is both filling and delicious.

The tortiere turned out well and I was happy with my cranberry-fake holly decoration.  Mr. and I are looking forward to Yule next week as we celebrate the Winter Solstice together, quietly at home.  Fireplace on, hot coco in hand, candles lit and a warm feeling in our hearts.

In other news, I have moved and added to my studio work space at the store.  That means I have space for knitters to pop by and join me this winter.  I will be working most Sundays from 12 to 4 and anyone who wishes to drop in with their knitting, or spindling or crocheting, etc, is more than welcome to do so. 

  Happy Stitching