Sunday, December 6, 2015

More Machine Work

Still stitching away and always looking for ways to translate traditional, hand stitched accessories into machine knits, all the while attempting to keep the original "feel".  I've been experimenting with cushions, hats, scarves, slippers and most recently mitts.

Here's a look at my first attempt at mittens, knit on my Singer 155, flat bed knitting machine. 

 I've always preferred knitting in the round as opposed to flat, to avoid having to sew seems, but I thought I'd try a pair knit "flat and sewn" for these mittens.  I started with a mock rib for the cuff and then went into straight knitting, shaping two halves of the top independently, then adding an afterthought thumb.  Not bad for a first try, I just needed to adjust the size a little.

Now that I've sorted out the measurements and gauge, I think I'll move on and try a true ribbed cuff with the use of the ribber attachment.  The ribber and I don't always get along very well, so wish me luck on that one.

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