Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Beginnings

In 2003, Mr. Homesteader and I purchased an old, country, general store.  It was an education.  There were many downs and certainly many ups to the 13+ years we spend as a Mom and Pop, plus staff operation.  One of the "ups" was having the ability to fill slow, winter hours with creative pursuits...this is the time and space where I discovered my love affair with fiber arts.  I had known the basics of knitting since I was about 5, but I had never made anything with the knowledge and I found the whole experience tedious.  I loved knitted things....just not the knitting itself.  So, after getting a few sheep (as pets) and learning to spin, I thought I should give this knitting thing a try, again, and an obsession was born.  I was assisted over the phone by my sister and over the counter at the store by one of my customers, and before I knew it, I was churning out hats and other small accessories at lightening speed.  When you make things like this, in public, for all to doesn't take long before people start wanting in on it.  They started asking to buy stuff that they saw me make as well as putting in orders for Christmas and the like.  Before I knew it, it had turned into something and as luck would have it, I already owned and operated a store.  So a large area was cleared out in said store and I set it up with hats and mitts and shawls and ponchos, phew, well, you get the idea.  It has been a successful venture, without even really trying.  In fact, that's what made it such a joyful thing...I let it become what it wanted to, and let it steer itself without allowing outside advice.  You know, something truly my own.

Now in 2016, I am an experienced knitter both by hand and machine and I sell my lovely things at a few different locations.  One location however is no more, and that is my own bricks and mortar store here in rural PEI.  In 8 days, providing nothing goes wrong, someone else will be the proud owner of our little piece of commerce.  Over the past month, I have emptied the store of all of my hand made goods and I have taken a long break from making.  A necessary break, as clearing out a store and doing renovations on our house have proved to be all consuming.  I will be getting back to the studio in the next couple of months to stitch away at both old and new designs, but for now, I just need to focus on getting everything ready to do so.  If any of you out in the interwebz wish to think happy thoughts and send some positive "sell the store without incident" energy my way, I'll gladly take it. 

For now, in my down time, I have been and will be doing some spinning.  Here are a few pics of a beautiful roving I received in my goody bag at last October's Spinning Retreat.  I spent a few months spinning and plying it and am very happy with the result.