Thursday, May 19, 2016

That Old Saying

You know that old one...."this is the first day of the rest of your life"?  Well, today I feel like it truly was.  For so long I have wanted to join my local Spinner's and Weaver's Guild but I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to have the "me-time" I needed to attend.  Today was THAT day, today I went to the Library in Breadalbane and joined several other ladies for a Spin Day.  An entire half day, spent with my peeps.  I met one lady for the first time, but I knew all the rest from attending the Annual Maritime Spinner's Retreat.  I usually only see these uber-talented, fun, cheerful people once a year, but from now on, I will be seeing them at least once a month, sometimes twice!  Every time I am around these people their enthusiasm and some of their knowledge rub off (they are very keen to share what they know).  Today's meet up was about spinning of course, but Louise thought it would be fun to bring some dyes for us all to use.  I decided to bring a natural white skein of MacAusland's yarn with me (along with my spinning) and have a go at the dye pots.  All the colourful pots were lined up and had already been mixed and ready to use.

 Louise and I hand painted my skein and this was the end result.

I had a wonderful day and will be joining the guild officially on Tuesday at their annual meeting...but being the fun sort of people that we are, we are having a fun day of fibre arts and a pot luck supper before the meeting...can't wait.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

That Was Fun!

Yesterday saw another finished project from the Inkle Loom.  I warped it with a variegated Paton's Classic Merino in "Harvest", and the weft was in a solid red in Paton's Merino as well.  I absolutely love the finished result of this sweet little scarf.  It came out soft, flexible and with a lovely smooth finish.  I can imagine wearing it everywhere.

I love the warp pattern made by the colours.

The weaving was such a pleasure with this lovely, soft merino.  As with spinning, it's impossible for me not to "zone out" while I'm weaving, it has turned out to be a very relaxing pursuit.

I love my new scarf so much that I'm going to make another one, only twice as wide.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Good News!

The store did sell and on time, I am very pleased to announce, and a very nice family are scheduled to move into our community.  Now that that chapter is closing in our lives, a new one is opening.  The renovations on the house are moving right along and our laundry room/half bath is due to be rough plumbed in a couple of days.  The plumbing is being done by a group of brothers who have been doing this forever it seems, they tell me that their father installed the hot water base boards in this house a long time ago, there's nothing like keeping it in the family.  Mr. Homesteader is in charge of flooring and the tiles being installed on the half wall and I am the crack-filler/primer/sander/painter. 

Today though, I am taking the day off of manual labour.  I hurt my arm last week and it was not happy with the painting I did yesterday.  Spinning sounds much more therapeutic.

On the learning curve....

My sister recently gave me an Inkle Loom which I warped and started working on as soon as I got it home.  I did a single colour warp and a single colour weave and made this (rather Christmassy) strap.  I thought the loom was built a little funny, until I saw a picture of a "triple shed" Inkle Loom and realized that that was what I had.  So that opens up the possibilities of more and varied patterns.  It's also a great way to flex some weaving muscle and develop good habits and skills.

Inkle Loom. 

Warped Inkle Loom.

My first Inkle Loom Strap.