Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Good News!

The store did sell and on time, I am very pleased to announce, and a very nice family are scheduled to move into our community.  Now that that chapter is closing in our lives, a new one is opening.  The renovations on the house are moving right along and our laundry room/half bath is due to be rough plumbed in a couple of days.  The plumbing is being done by a group of brothers who have been doing this forever it seems, they tell me that their father installed the hot water base boards in this house a long time ago, there's nothing like keeping it in the family.  Mr. Homesteader is in charge of flooring and the tiles being installed on the half wall and I am the crack-filler/primer/sander/painter. 

Today though, I am taking the day off of manual labour.  I hurt my arm last week and it was not happy with the painting I did yesterday.  Spinning sounds much more therapeutic.

On the learning curve....

My sister recently gave me an Inkle Loom which I warped and started working on as soon as I got it home.  I did a single colour warp and a single colour weave and made this (rather Christmassy) strap.  I thought the loom was built a little funny, until I saw a picture of a "triple shed" Inkle Loom and realized that that was what I had.  So that opens up the possibilities of more and varied patterns.  It's also a great way to flex some weaving muscle and develop good habits and skills.

Inkle Loom. 

Warped Inkle Loom.

My first Inkle Loom Strap.

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