Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Adventure....Part 2

Well....I've been weaving.  And I have to say that I love it.  It's both simple and complicated all at the same time, really.  Until you understand how the loom works and how the patterns relate to it, it is a different language, but once you get get it and it all makes sense.  Thought I'd share what's been accomplished so far...

I did about a 12 inch length of messing around on the loom, getting a feel for treadling and throwing the shuttle, then I got serious and wanted to actually make know, an actual garment or something.

So here is my very first weaving project ever.  I am absolutely delighted with it, I am more than happy with my weaving and by the time I was on the last 10 inches or so, my selvedge improved by leaps and bounds.

...and a close up shot of the fabric, I loooooove the pattern.....

This is my second project ever...I continued using the same warp and changed both the weft and the pattern.  I did a simple twill, changing the direction every 10 inches.

....and a close up shot of it...the weft is a beautiful yarn from Belfast Mini Mills in Alpaca and Mohair.  The finished scarf is quiet soft and I cannot wait to wear it.

My local Guild Weaving Studio meets once a week and unfortunately I had to miss the last 2, so I will be happy to take my projects along next week to show the other members what I've accomplished so far.  In the mean time, I have one more weaving pattern up my sleeve before I run out of warp AND I have another 6 pairs of Blanket Mitts to make to fill an order.  So, I had better sign off and get cracking. TTFN

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Adventures

Something new.  Something awesome.  Something I have wanted to do for over a decade (but I kept  running into road blocks).  I'm talking about weaving, uhuh, weaving.  I spin, knit, machine knit, crochet and sew, but weaving has been eluding me.  Not the basic knowledge of how to weave, just the time and un-broken equipment to do it with.  I've had a 4-shaft Melville or Brunswick loom in pieces in the barn for over 10 years.  Some of those pieces were broken and since I didn't know a lot about looms, I really didn't know how to fix it.  Then an opportunity came along to buy an identical loom, all together, nothing broken and with an excellent refit for a very affordable price.  Naturally I snapped it up.

Here is a picture of it as it sat in it's last house....

It's lovely, made of bird's eye maple and now that I know a little more about what I'm doing, I'm confident that we re-assembled it correctly.  It had a warp on it, neatly tied around the warp beam and since I am an absolute beginner, I used it as a bit of a cheat to get me started.  With shuttle in hand I did a little plain weaving and then tried a bit of twill....

I noticed that there was a mistake in the warp....if I was making a finished piece, I would go back and fix it and start again, but as it is, this is all about practice and learning and the fact that I knew right away what I had done wrong seems worth it all.  This was fun, so fun...and after a good night's sleep, I'm going to get at it again and try some different combinations and see what happens. It feels great to see that with every inch, the tension and selvedge are looking better.