Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Adventure....Part 2

Well....I've been weaving.  And I have to say that I love it.  It's both simple and complicated all at the same time, really.  Until you understand how the loom works and how the patterns relate to it, it is a different language, but once you get get it and it all makes sense.  Thought I'd share what's been accomplished so far...

I did about a 12 inch length of messing around on the loom, getting a feel for treadling and throwing the shuttle, then I got serious and wanted to actually make know, an actual garment or something.

So here is my very first weaving project ever.  I am absolutely delighted with it, I am more than happy with my weaving and by the time I was on the last 10 inches or so, my selvedge improved by leaps and bounds.

...and a close up shot of the fabric, I loooooove the pattern.....

This is my second project ever...I continued using the same warp and changed both the weft and the pattern.  I did a simple twill, changing the direction every 10 inches.

....and a close up shot of it...the weft is a beautiful yarn from Belfast Mini Mills in Alpaca and Mohair.  The finished scarf is quiet soft and I cannot wait to wear it.

My local Guild Weaving Studio meets once a week and unfortunately I had to miss the last 2, so I will be happy to take my projects along next week to show the other members what I've accomplished so far.  In the mean time, I have one more weaving pattern up my sleeve before I run out of warp AND I have another 6 pairs of Blanket Mitts to make to fill an order.  So, I had better sign off and get cracking. TTFN

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