Monday, August 29, 2016

At The Guild

I've mentioned before, how happy I am to be a part of my local Spinner's and Weaver's Guild and I've gone on and on about how great the Studio is and how wonderful my fellow members are and about how inspired I am just to be there.  So I though I'd show you a few pictures that explain why.

The warp above, in warm autumn tones is destined to become Tea Towels, and yes, one of those towels will be for me!  Miss J. couldn't have picked more beautiful fall colours...I love them.

Meanwhile, Miss E. was working on this stunning warp for our choice of either a baby blanket or table cloth.  I think I mentioned before that with each new warp that is put on, there is enough for every member to make a project.

This is a Log Cabin blanket woven on a 10 foot wide loom!!! I have seen some amazing blankets finished from this warp and I have to say, I am looking forward to the day that I can make one of them.

So that's a sampling of what goes on in the busy little wonder I love it so much.  Now, my mustard beans have finished processing so I must get back at stitching Blanket Mittens, I still have 4 pairs to make to finish my current order.  Pop by soon.

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