Sunday, August 21, 2016


Yup, I did it again...I brought home another loom.  It wasn't my fault, really, what was I supposed to do?  A very nice lady said to me, "I have an 8 harness that I'd love to get rid of" and when she said she didn't want anything for it....well, come on....of course I took it home!  It was much easier to put together than my other loom, simply by the way it was made.

The main part of it was still together, so that didn't have to puzzled out.

And the rest of it was pretty straight forward.

It's a 45" Nilus from Leclerc and currently hold 8 harnesses although it has room for 4 more.  I do need a new reed because the one I have seems just a bit too rusty to repair and then it'll be ready to go.  As soon as my brutal de-stash is done, there will be a lot more space to move around.  Because of the generosity of people that have contributed to the studio that I now proudly own, I will be donating most of my de-stash to keep the Karma balanced:)

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