Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Rest

I am having the most wonderful Summer Rest!  After having worked so many years with very little time off, this summer has proved to be a much needed break.  Deciding to put my tools down and not work on either the house or "for sale" textiles has made it a double bonus points summer rest!!!  Summer is waning though and so is my need for rest, this week kicks off the next sprint of making.  Making the textiles I need to keep the wheels of commerce turning and getting ready for the fall/winter market season.  I have put my name in to a couple of Christmas Markets so far (fingers crossed that I get in) so I am beginning work on the usual suspects because they are such great sellers.

These mittens continue to be a top seller for me, so as well as filling another order for the Mill, I will be making many, many pairs for the markets.

Weaving continues to be a source of learning and fun for me, both at the Guild studio and in my own studio space.  I recently made my very first warp on my own loom and am happy with the result (pictures of this project to follow later), and at the Guild studio, I've started a Summer Scarf project, the warp is cotton and the weft is Jaggerspun Merino/Silk...yum!

Given that this is a season of new beginnings and fresh starts for me, I've also paid some attention to my Etsy Shop.  There are a few items listed for sale and many more coming soon as I get photos and descriptions written up for them.  Apologies to my non-Canadian readers, for now, I am only shipping within Canada, but that will change later also.  Click on the Etsy button at the top of my blog to see the new items :) Happy Shopping

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